KMAIL Features

KMail is a completely new approach and thoughtful presentation to provide an refreshing and exciting User experience. KPOST provides an exclusive KMail ID for each of the KPOST Users. Now Users will NOT have any more boring Inbox or Outbox. KMail creates an exclusive folder for each contact of the user. All mails both inward and outward will be available in this exclusive folder of the contact.

KMail provides Attractive Letterheads, so that receiver can view user’s mail in the personal Letterhead. Drop down is provided for easy adding of right salutation of the addressee.

User can send the mail as ‘Copies’ and ‘Confidential Copies’ to other contacts in addition to the addressee. KMail provides Auto listing of the contacts to add addressee, Copies and Confidential copies. We can send Mails to Groups. Mails from Groups to Groups is possible. Mails can be sent to Groups in Copies and in Confidential copies.

KMail Auto numbers each letter for a contact. It allows the User to share his/her Location. User can set the Mail priority. User can open and refer any mail while drafting a mail. Reply, Comment, Clarify features to make it easy for receiver to prioritize the incoming mail.

Mandatory Subject helps quick search and retrieval. Customizable Signature for User’s exclusive identity.

User can configure instant Reply of his/her choice. Text Formatter tool helps to edit the mail. With KMail, all types of Attachments are possible. Can Embed the images in the mail.

Auto Reference creation for each mail helps in quick prioritization. Status with Time stamp of opening by each of the receivers of the mail sent, is provided for easy follow-up. Contact-wise unopened mail count helps in easy prioritization.

Mails display in date-wise reverse chronological order. Easy search and filter for a date is provided. Date-wise count of mails is provided. Easy icon lead identification to know which mails were sent to more than one contact. Ability to add contacts from the KMail Dashboard itself.

List of Frequently accessed contacts for easy mailing experience. Display of Contacts and Groups in a Grid or a List to suit the preferences. Easy way to find out all mails where Replies not received, Replies not sent, Sent mails not opened.


to Experience for Life

Enjoy the new experience of the complete suite of integrated communications, Wallet and other 10+ ’Must to Have’ features.

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