Data Policy

KPOST is a Comprehensive, Integrated Communication platform. This gives Users a powerful tool to communicate with other Users through Mailing, Messaging and Calling. In addition to the above, Directory Services are also included in the basic offering. This offering is available to individuals, Small Groups, Associations, Clubs, Companies, Medium sized Enterprises, Big Enterprises. KPOST offering for Individuals also include many more features like Wallet and Payment Services, Classifieds, Social Media, Broadcast services, Cloud storage, Calendar, News and Booking services. When such a powerful communication tool is made available to public, it is also required for KPOST company to exercise the due diligence to know it’s Users. As part of exercising this reasonable care, KPOST requests Users to share this information as part of their sign up.

What kind of data KPOST collects?

  • First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Profession, Designation, Country, Mobile number are collected as part of sign up process for Individual and Small Closed Communication models.
  • User’s Contact information with explicit permission from the Users.

How KPOST uses the information?

This information is used to :

  • To send the information of relevance to the User if need be.
  • To verify the User, if need be.
  • With Contact information, Users are provided with the facility of calling their contacts from KPOST itself without leaving the application and to invite the contacts to join KPOST to enjoy its advanced features.

How is this information shared?

  • As a Policy, KPOST DOES NOT SHARE this information with anyone.

How KPOST responds to legal requests?

  • If the Law of the Land Requires some information to be shared with them for the benefit of the whole, it would be respected.

How KPOST operates and transfers data as part of it’s global operations?

  • KPOST’s Vision is to have the secured storage of Data of a particular country, within the same country Only.

How to Contact KPOST with Questions?

  • KPOST can be contacted at at any point of time for any clarifications.

How will KPOST notifies Users the changes to this policy?

We notify the existing users the change in the policy by,

  • A pop-up Message after every change of Policy and also at regular intervals of 3 months.
  • Making the User to Acknowledge the changes before he uses the application.


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