Mr. Sarath Kakumanu S/o. Late Prof. K. Subbiah took the reins of the Group after Mr. Subbiah.

Mr. Sarath Kakumanu pursued his Bachelors in Architecture from School of Architecture and Planning, University of Madras now known as Anna University. Sarath Kakumanu did his Masters in Architecture from Kent State University of Ohio in 1976-78 and secured an M.S. in Urban Planning in Akron University, Ohio, in 1979.

Software Development started in 1992 with end to end Construction Management Software(CMS). While reworking the CMS, Mr. Sarath K, felt the need for an advanced communication system within the ERP for Construction Management. So, in 2012 he started developing the most Advanced Communication System KPOST.

KPOST has all the modules of communication embedded into One Platform. KPOST Communication platform is for Business Communication, Personal Communication and Communication of Associations, Clubs, Societies and Groups of Persons.

KPOST is set to redefine the way people communicate. It offers a bouquet of unique essential features with multi model communication, which simplifies the daily communication and makes it very advanced and user-friendly for any user. KPOST is here to take the communication to new heights. Reaching out to your near and dear personally, will never be the same, ever again!

Pioneer has also come up with ‘KAMPUS’ with ‘KATBOOK’ a complete Learning Management Solution.


to Experience for Life

Enjoy the new experience of the complete suite of integrated communications, Wallet and other 10+ ’Must to Have’ features.

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